Prepare for the unexpected with an accident plan that fits you

Accidents can happen at any time. But you can prepare for life's twists and turns with an accident insurance plan and get coverage as soon as the next day.

Prepare for the unexpected with an accident plan that

What is accident insurance?

Accident insurance is a supplemental plan that helps pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses or a bodily loss resulting from a covered accident.

There are two types of accident insurance plans

Accident Medical Expense Insurance (AME)

Designed to help you manage the high costs of care following a covered accidental injury and a help pay for expenses not covered by other insurance. Although an AME plan is not the same as major medical insurance that provides comprehensive health coverage, it offers extra benefits that can help supplement a major medical plan.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)

Pays benefits for the loss of life or the loss of certain body parts or function (e.g. limbs, eyesight) resulting from a covered accident. It’s designed to help ease the financial stress you or your loved ones may face if an unexpected accident leaves you with a disabling injury or causes your death.

How does an accident policy work?

Accident Medical Expense Insurance (AME)

Carol has an AME plan with a benefit amount of $10,000 and a deductible of  $250. She later falls and breaks her arm and has covered injuries amounting to $5,000. After paying the deductible, Carol’s plan pays up to the full remainder of her covered costs.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Mark enrolls in an AD&D policy with a benefit amount of $100,000. He later has a covered accident resulting in the loss of a hand. Mark files a claim within the benefit period (usually 365 days of a covered loss) and his policy pays him $50,000 (50% of the benefit amount). If Mark dies within the benefit period due to a covered accident, his beneficiary receives 100% of the benefit amount.

Accident plans vary by carrier. Refer to your policy for specific plan details.

Flexible plan options

You choose the amount of coverage you want to fit your budget.

Benefits paid directly to you

Benefits for covered injuries and losses are paid directly to you, which can help ease the financial stress of an accident.

There’s no enrollment period

You can enroll any time of year and get coverage as soon as the next available effective date.

What’s covered?

Accident Medical Expense

Reimburses you for medical expenses you pay due to a covered accidental injury. Plans pay up the maximum benefit amount you choose after you meet your deductible.

  • Unexpected accidents and injuries
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Ambulance rides
  • Physical therapy
  • Emergency room and urgent care visits
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Intentional self-inflicted injuries
  • Illness and disease
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Mental health

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Pays you or your beneficiary a cash benefit, up to the coverage amount you choose, for covered claims submitted within the benefit period.

  • Loss of life
  • Loss of limbs
  • Loss of fingers or toes
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of speech and hearing
  • Intentional self-inflicted injuries
  • Loss due to illness or disease
  • Loss or termination of pregnancy
  • Loss due to war or military
  • Loss due to unlawful activities
* Coverage may vary by state and plan

Coverage you and your family can count on

You can’t foresee all the things that can interrupt normal life. But if an accident happens, we can help make sure waiting to get paid won’t slow things down so you and your loved ones can keep up with living expenses.

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